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Happy Fourth!

Pools, Food, Friends, and Fun-We may love the Fourth of July but it can be a bad holiday with our pets. Keep your pets cool and comforable as the temperatures heat up during the day. Please provide fresh water throughout the day to encourage pets to drink despite the distraction of festivities. And while we are enjoying BBQs, make sure the four legged family members don't overindulge in rich foods and alcohol. As the evening approaches, keep your critters confined in a secure and quiet area so the fireworks don't "freak" them out. Many pets get loose and scared on the Fourth-make sure your pet has ID and a microchip in case they escape on you!

Time to hit the trails!

Ready to bring your four legged family member into the woods? A few quick tips to make it safe and fun for all of you-first make sure your pet is up to date with his or her  rabies, disptemper/parvo, and leptospirosis vaccines. Also make sure they have adequate flea, tick, and heartworm prevention on board. Carry a copy of their vaccine history and any important medical information--as well as their microchip number in case they get away from you. You may need a copy of their license if you are on public lands.

Most publically owned trails and campsites require that your dog is leashed when on the trails. Even the best behaved pup can be distracted when wildlife crosses their path so keep them under control for their safety as well as the safety of others. Don't let your pet sniff dead wildlife or scat left along the trails--and pack out their waste so you leave no trace.

If you are camping with your pet, do a trial run in the backyard before you go. Some pets cannot tolerate the confines of a tent, and its better to know that before you are miles from home with an anxious dog who can't sleep (and your peaceful night under the stars is sunk). Bringing a familiar blanket or toy may help them snuggle in for the night.

When you get home, check their feet and fur for ticks, thorns, scrapes, abrasions, and any other minor irritations. They may need a warm water bath (just lkie you!). Happy exploring!

Horror movie alert! The life cycle of the tick?

We all know that ticks are nasty little creatures who do not have any redeeming characteristics (at least from a pet owner?s perspective)?..but have you actually ever looked at them up close?  Check it out..


Hitting the road with a four legged family member?

Ready to have your furry family member join you for a day trip or extended vacation? It can be fun for both of you---but it helps to be prepared. First, make sure that your pet is comfortable traveling with you by practicing with shorter rides (like going for ice cream) first. And make sure they are safely restrained--unlike the pooch in our picture. For a printable page to use as a checklist-- has some great tips for safe travels! Enjoy the world!

Do you know which human medications are dangerous for your pets?

Cats and dogs are naturally curious creatures, and they can easily put themselves in harm?s way when they decide to play with your bottles of pills?such fun toys. While some medications can cross species, there are other medications that put your pet at immediate risk. Please check out this list-Human medications that can poison your pet-and make sure to keep your medications out of your pet?s reach.